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Interview on Lex Inside - The World of Law: "Let's hybridize our rights"!

The philosopher Gabrielle Halpern was the guest of Arnaud Dumourier, Editorial Director of Le Monde du Droit, Le Monde du Chiffre, LegalNews / Journalist DECIDEURS TV (FICADE Group), in his programme Lex Inside.

She presented her research work in philosophy on hybridisation, before discussing the ramifications of hybridisation in terms of the evolution of law and its legal categories.

"The new hybrid realities escape the classical legal categories which will have to be questioned and transformed. The transformations in the world of work, which are moving in the direction of a hybridisation of professional lives and a multi-membership status, call for a hybridisation of employment contracts and job descriptions. The reversibility of spaces and uses according to the season of the year, the day of the week or the time of day invites us to juggle with norms and social objects - which, by the way, will pose huge questions for insurers!" ", Gabrielle Halpern

"Today, lawyers are playing, more than ever, an immense and determining role; they must be "gardeners and architects", to use the words of Mireille Delmas-Marty. The point is to put the law at the service of reality and not reality at the service of the law... Let's hybridize our rights!", Gabrielle Halpern


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