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"Hybridisation raises questions about the boundaries of companies", Gabrielle Halpern

The philosopher Gabrielle Halpern took part in a round-table discussion organised by Décideurs Magazine, part of the Leaders League Group, during which she explained the extent to which her philosophical research on hybridisation raises questions about, and ultimately challenges, the boundaries of companies.

"The boundaries of a company have been very clear until now. In fact, unfortunately, a collective, an organisation - whether it takes the form of a company or an administration, for example - always needs to protect itself from the outside, as if the enemy, the threat, were always outside... Companies are so often closed in on themselves, locked in their trade, in their professional identity, in their sector. This state of mind often makes them also lock up their customers, their competitors, their products or their services and the use that can be made of them, in boxes.

In recent years, however, we've seen a gradual questioning of these boundaries, which in the future could be much more permeable, mobile, or even completely open. In the same way, our mental boundaries are finally changing, shifting, and breaking down to make room for a hybridisation of things, places, skills, generations, imaginations, activities, sciences, people, professions, uses, and worlds, thus perhaps making hybridisation the great trend of the world to come.

On the one hand, because of the transformations in the world of work - the boom in freelancing, teleworking, the need for autonomy, the rethinking of management, the rejection of the division of labour and the younger generation's desire to live a thousand professional lives in one! Companies can no longer continue to think of themselves as an island in the middle of the ocean; they are obliged to open up to the outside world. We can also see that companies' determination to play a societal role is leading them to hybridise more and more with society, with the areas in which they are located...", Gabrielle Halpern

The round table brought together:

Gabrielle Halpern, Philosopher and Author of "Tous Centaures! Éloge de l'hybridation", Le Pommier,

Alexandre Fretti, Co-CEO, Malt

Jérôme De-Grandmaison, VP Talent Management, Alstom

Moderator: Lucas Jakubowicz, Chief Editor, Décideurs Magazine (Leaders League)

Photo Credits Décideurs Magazine


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