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Interview in *Cadremploi: Halpern, an intellectual who inspires politicians and business leaders

Before her speech at the Dirigeants en Pays d'Avignon conference, the philosopher Gabrielle Halpern gave an interview to Sylvia di Pascale, editor-in-chief of Cadremploi, in order to share her research work in philosophy on hybridisation, her approach, her career path...

"Many professions that used to operate in silos are now intertwined. This is nothing new, but the health crisis has accelerated the phenomenon. Never before have an HR manager and a property manager worked so much together. Now their scopes intersect and give rise to new skills. The same is true of the financial director and the CSR director, who are hybridising under the pressure of extra-financial evaluation. On the job market, we can see this in job offers - employers are looking for talent with several hats that were previously separate professions. The combination of specialised skills is transforming these jobs and this is only the beginning..", Gabrielle Halpern

"We have a complicated relationship with what is "hybrid". The word comes from the Latin "hibrida" which means "bastard, of mixed blood", and therefore has a very negative connotation. That's the whole point of my research - to understand the unease about what is hybrid or who is hybrid. These are people or things that don't fit into a box, whereas we humans love to put a label on them. It's a bad habit we've given our brains. A bias that we have forged, culturally, over time. This bias prevents us from understanding our times", Gabrielle Halpern

"You don't do years of research on the question of hybridity if you don't feel a little bit concerned by the subject. I grew up in a somewhat hybrid family, I juggled between different worlds. So I learned to become a kind of centaur and I made it a way of life. I hybridised my education (philosophy, cognitive sciences, economics, theology...), hybridised my professional experiences (academic research, advisor in ministerial cabinets, co-directing a start-up incubator, conferences, consulting...)", Gabrielle Halpern

*translator’s note: Cadremploi is a leading French careers website


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