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Let’s all be centaurs!
A celebration of hybridisation

Gabrielle Halpern, Philosopher

“Hybridisation is 'the unlikely union', that is to say the bringing together of things, sectors, products or services, activities, professions, people, uses, skills, materials, generations, which, at first sight, had little to do with each other, or which could seem contradictory, and which, when brought together, will give rise to third uses, third places, third objects, third materials, third cultures, third models... new worlds, in short!“



Gabrielle Halpern News


A solution to adapt in an ever-changing world.

More than just a strategy, the hybrid approach is a state of mind.


Gabrielle Halpern holds a doctorate in philosophy and is a graduate of the École Normale Supérieure. She has worked in various ministerial cabinets (Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Ministry of Research and Higher Education, Ministry of Justice) as a "Foresight and speech-writing" advisor, before helping with the development of start-ups and advising companies and public institutions. She is also an associate consultant at the Jean Jaurès Foundation and directs the "Hybridisations" series that she created at Editions de l'Aube.


Her research work focuses in particular on the notion of hybridisation, which was the subject of her doctoral thesis, defended at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in 2019.


She is the author of the popular essay "Tous centaures! Éloge de l'hybridation" (Le Pommier, 2020), the comic strip illustrated by Didier Petetin: "La Fable du centaure" (Humensciences, 2022), the essay co-written with Guillaume Gomez: "Philosopher et cuisiner: un mélange exquis - Le Chef et la Philosophe" (Editions de l'Aube) and the essay "Penser l'hospitalité - L'artisan-hôtelier et la Philosophe", co-authored with Cyril Aouizerate (Editions de l'Aube, 2022). She is a regular contributor to the press, through columns, articles and interviews.


Today, as part of her research, she explores the notion of hybridisation in many sectors, professions and fields of activity and works with companies, associations, local authorities, schools and public institutions.

The Author


A celebration of hybridisation.

The book.

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