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Eloge de l’hybridation

Gabrielle Halpern, Philosopher

“L'hybride, c'est ce qui est mélangé, contradictoire, hétéroclite; c'est tout ce qui n'entre pas dans nos cases.“



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A solution to adapt in an ever-changing world.

More than just a strategy, the hybrid approach is a state of mind.


Gabrielle Halpern has a PHD in Philosophy and is a research associate at l’École Normale Supérieure. She also has a background in theology and exegesis of religious texts. She has worked in several ministerial Offices (ministry of Economy and Finance, ministry of Research and Higher Education, ministry of Justice) as a ‘prospective and speech writing’ advisor. She used to guide start-ups in their business development and she now provides strategy advice to private companies and public institutions.


Her research focuses on the concept of hybridisation.

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