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On the front page of the newspaper L'Opinion: Gabrielle Halpern among the new intellectual influencers

Updated: Feb 27

In the November 26, 2021 issue, you'll find a front-page article on the new intellectual influencers, including the philosopher Gabrielle Halpern (photo credits @Frédérique Touitou).

"A generation of new intellectuals distinguished by atypical backgrounds, an insatiable curiosity and a taste for transgression"

As a committed philosopher, Gabrielle Halpern has a conception of philosophy as a practical and applied philosophy. She travels all over France to meet ever more numerous citizens from diverse backgrounds. "For me, being a philosopher means spending as much time reading and meditating on Aristotle, Montaigne and Hannah Arendt as it does listening to a farmer, a caregiver and a startuper or visiting a retirement home, a village or a factory to ask ourselves how to think about these things, these places, these real issues and help them transform!”, she explains. Alongside her research work, she holds conferences throughout France and increasingly internationally and supports companies, public institutions such as local authorities, professional federations, schools, unions and even associations...


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