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A "hybrid" is something that is mixed, heterogeneous, contradictory. In other words, it is the unlikely union, it's everything that doesn't fit into our boxes! hybridisation could be the great trend of the future!

Hybridisation is neither fusion, nor juxtaposition, nor is it the assimilation or annihilation of the other, but the metamorphosis of each. It is only possible if each person accepts to step out of his or her own identity in order to take a step towards the other. Social, economic, professional, territorial and generational hybridisation is the great political challenge of the years to come in order to destroy the current divisions, and it is an opportunity for human beings, because it simply is a life impulse!

The challenge


Hybridisation makes us better - it teaches us that we should question our old boxes, reinventing cities, schools, museums, retirement homes and businesses; it makes us smarter and more creative, more humble and less dogmatic.






















If I, as a human being, stop hybridising, if a company, if a school, if a profession, if a sector stops hybridising, it dies! All living beings are called upon to undergo metamorphosis, plants, animals and human beings; only the dead never change again... This is perhaps what makes death so terrible! We, who often find it so difficult to experience change, should remember that the very possibility of change is the luxury of the living

Enterprises, universities, public institutions, research laboratories, schools and elected officials: walk towards the heterogeneous! Don’t trap clients, citizens, pupils, employees, specific disciplines, your partners, your competitors, yourself or your job inside rigid boxes! Make unexpected unions!

Let’s all be centaurs!

Organizational models, recruitment, partnerships, training, strategy, innovation, management: hybridize yourself, hybridize everything! In other words, embrace the heterogeneous, drop your anchor as far as possible towards what is, towards what seems to be the most unlike yourself.

Let’s all be centaurs!
A celebration of hybridisation


This essay analyses a major trend in the coming world, namely hybridisation. Hybridisation is defined as 'the unlikely union', i.e. the bringing together of things, sectors, products or services, activities, professions, people, cultures, uses, skills, materials, generations, etc., which, at first sight, had little to do with each other, or which could seem contradictory, and which, when brought together, will give rise to third uses, third places, third objects, third materials, third cultures, third models... new worlds, in short! There are many weak signals that hybridisation could well become the great trend of the world to come, but this trend calls many things into question and requires us to break out of the existing boxes. Nothing escapes it: objects, territories, materials, products and services, consumer habits and marketing methods, agriculture, companies or public institutions, professions, buildings, ways of innovating and working, education, etc. We are witnessing the emergence of new combinations and re-combinations; we are entering an era of unlikely unions!

This creates a certain uneasiness in society, because things, situations and people that used to fit into our boxes no longer do, and all our definitions are shattered... Yet this hybridisation can also be the best engine for creativity and innovation! Yes, hybridisation is a real opportunity for human beings, for companies and public institutions and for society, - provided we learn to tame it....

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