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Round table at Collège des Bernardins: "We must create the imagination of a new beginning"!

The philosopher Gabrielle Halpern was invited to speak at an event co-organised by the Collège des Bernardins and the newspaper La Tribune. This round table entitled "Climate emergency - reinventing the imagination" brought together:

👉 P. Olric de GELIS, theologian, director of the Collège des Bernardins research centre

👉 Gabrielle Halpern, philosopher

👉 Erik Orsenna, writer and member of the Académie Française

👉 Grégory Quenet, environmental historian, holder of the Laudato si' chair. For a new exploration of the Earth, Collège des Bernardins

👉 Debate moderated by Valérie Abrial, director of La Revue de La Tribune.

@Photo credits Collège des Bernardins

"The climate issue makes me think of this verse from David's Psalm where we are invited to "sing a new song"... Perhaps there is nothing more difficult! Our Zeitgeist - the spirit of our times - is one of fear of new things. We are petrified of changing, of growing, of growing old. We are petrified at the idea that our lives may be transformed. New things, which the future brings with it, terrify us. Like children, we used to enjoy talking about the world after, as if it were a lost paradise, but none of us was really ready to make it happen. It was supposed to happen by spontaneous generation, but nobody was ready for this new world. We prefer our good old habits, our beaten paths and our reference points, without understanding that locked in our zone of the known, we are completely dead. And yet, in the face of the climate emergency, we will have to change radically! We will have to imagine new habits, new ways of living, innovating, consuming, living, moving, working. Faced with the climate emergency, we will have to build a new imagination", Gabrielle Halpern


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