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BE SMART: Culture will save the economy!

A program on BE SMART aired on May 5, 2021

By a terrible inability to understand what is wrong with our boxes, we are trapped in too many prejudices. A museum is a museum, a shopping center is a shopping center, a train station is a train station, a hotel is a hotel, a factory is a factory, an opera house is an opera… And beware of anything that dares to go beyond these categories! And yet, we are witnessing a process of hybridization of our world, which will become the great trend of our time. This hybridization is a real opportunity for our society, as well as for those who inhabit it.

While the health crisis has undermined a number of business sectors, a hybrid approach could help them revive. What if it was culture that saved the economy? What if art became a real lever for business performance? What if innovation and strategy directors finally started to take an interest in culture and understand that it can be a strategic development issue and a competitive advantage?

Be careful, it is not a question of instrumentalizing art or of profaning it; quite the contrary! Introducing art in shopping centers or train stations is the best way to make it sacred ... It is when it is accessible to the greatest number that art becomes sacred, contrary to what those who would like to think. lock him up in closed places, where only a privileged audience comes.

What if hotels became artist residences and art schools? What if cars became museums? What if shopping malls became art galleries? It is time to truly hybridize art and economy, and beyond that, art and society!


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