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"News media help us, as human beings, to forge a representation of the world" - says the French Philosopher Gabrielle Halpern in Geneva at the WSIS+ 20 Forum

The French Philosopher Gabrielle Halpern has spoken at the event WSIS + 20 Forum (World Summit on the Information Society), in Geneva, in Switzerland. Alongside experts, she has participated in a round table devoted to the question of the future of news media.

What is the role of news media today in our democracies? How could we think news media in the future?

"By reporting day after day what is happening in a country, whether in written, radio, or television form, the media contributes to building in a human being his relationship to his territory, his compatriots, and the world in which he lives. Since we cannot be everywhere in the world at once, the media helps us, as human beings, to forge a representation of the world. Their responsibility is therefore immense. I would like to share with you in conclusion a phrase from a great European intellectual Elias Canetti: "According to the images that compose you, your existence will take a completely different turn"... In other words, tell me what you look at, and I will tell you who you will become! This idea is vertiginous, and it should challenge each of us individually in the choice of images we look at or not on our screens. No image is trivial, and this is also true on the scale of a country. According to the images that compose a society, according to the images that compose a country, its existence will take a completely different turn. The media therefore plays a civic role in how our countries will exist tomorrow...", Gabrielle Halpern

"In my view, the debate about the future of the media is far too monopolized by new technologies. Artificial intelligence has made our imagination lazy, in that as soon as we question the future of a profession, a place, a device, an object, we are tempted to immediately attach a digital dimension to it, as if there were no innovation except digital. However, the future of the media must be able to go through other types of innovations. There are many ideas of activities, uses, experiences, events, offers, places, services, governance, models to imagine and propose to readers, listeners, and viewers...", Gabrielle Halpern

The Future of News Media: AI, Revenue Models, and Democracy (The UN Brief)

Session 250

Wednesday, 29 May 2024 - 14:00–14:45 (UTC+02:00) Physical (on-site) and Virtual (remote) participation

Hear news media entrepreneurs, media policy academics, and a philosopher, Gabrielle Halpern, have speaken about building the future of journalism.

A conversation around the impact of AI on newsrooms, the global news media landscape, and new revenue models for news media organizations. This round-table has address copyright issues, fact-checking, and discussed what news media organizations are focusing on in order to bring trustworthy, reliable, information to readers on tech policy issues. They also discussed how to train the next generation of journalists and adopting AI tools for research, news production, and fact-checking.

The WSIS event was co-organized by ITU, UNESCO, UNDP and UNCTAD and co-hosted by ITU and the Swiss Confederation.

World Summit on the Information Society

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The UN Brief

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