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Conference of the French Philosopher Gabrielle Halpern for the Bar of Lyon

The Philosopher Gabrielle Halpern has been invited by the French Bar of the City, as part of its conference: "The lawyer: metamorphoses...", organized in Lyon, at the Hôtel de Région.

« Lawyer is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful professions! In view of the developments in our society, and those in the law that they bring about, how can we rethink the role and place of the lawyer in the City? Is it not in the creation of bridges between worlds, in other words in a mission of hybridization of worlds? », Gabrielle Halpern

"What impact will artificial intelligence, and more generally, new technologies have on your profession and your practice? Although they can in certain respects constitute enriching contributions, we should not nevertheless fall into a trap... Indeed, when we think about innovation, we almost always direct our attention to digital technology, as if it were a question of the only possible innovation, but don't the challenges of today and tomorrow imply also thinking about other innovations, in legal, professional, organizational, financial, managerial, social, service, cultural, matters of governance, training, locations and partnerships? New technologies often make our imagination lazy...", Gabrielle Halpern

After her keynote, Gabrielle Halpern participated in a round table alongside several representatives of the profession.


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