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Conference for the Gennevilliers town hall

The philosopher Gabrielle Halpern was invited by Julia Oudin Marsaud, Director General of Services of Gennevilliers, to speak at her seminar for the directors' committee of the city of Gennevilliers. After her conference presenting her research work in philosophy on hybridisation and its implications at territorial level, the discussions with the directors were very fruitful and contributed to some mutual reflection.

"Retirement home, nursery, museum, company headquarters, school, shopping centre, railway station - as long as each stakeholder in the local area remains confined in its own box, in its own world, there will be no local area. As long as each stakeholder in the city fails to shoulder its territorial responsibility, there will be no local area", Gabrielle Halpern

"Hybridisation is the challenge for local authorities, companies, associations, schools and all the stakeholders in the city! Moreover, it isn't just a challenge, it's a real responsibility and there is no collective responsibility if there isn't first and foremost individual responsibility", Gabrielle Halpern

"By "territorial hybridisation" I mean "the progressive establishment of a set of "unlikely unions" between all the stakeholders in the local area - the retirement home and the school, the social centre and the museum, the town hall and the outreach grocery shop - in order to transform each local area into a genuine ecosystem and create bridges between worlds, capable of multiplying its human, economic, social, cultural and therefore territorial value », Gabrielle Halpern


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