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"The Fable of the Centaur": Gabrielle Halpern publishes a comic book!

In order to make her research on hybridization as accessible as possible to the general public, philosopher Gabrielle Halpern has adapted her work into a comic book format, under the title "The Fable of the Centaur", in partnership with cartoonist Didier Petetin, alias #20CH187. This comic book was published [SS1] by the HumenSciences publishing house, directed by Olivia Recasens, on 2 February 2022.

Grandmother Horse laments, "What are we going to do with her? She's a bastard! This is Nature's transgression! Above the cradle, humans and horses look at each other warily... The young centaur doesn't fit into any box - she's a hybrid! Tired of prejudice, she decides to go on an adventure. Her many encounters with animals, plants, monsters, and her discovery of science will help her to forge a philosophy of life.

What if hybridisation were an opportunity? What if everything became "centaur" - sciences, objects, materials, products and services, consumer behaviour and marketing methods, companies, public institutions, professions, buildings, ways of innovating, living and working?

An initiatory comic book to reach out to the Other and understand the world as it is changing.

"La Fable du centaure" is available for order online or at your favourite bookshops.


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